SMS Relocation - Damaged and lost property when moving my daughter

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SM&S Relocation Inc. in San Jose California. Avoid at all costs.The worst company I have ever

dealt with. Hired them to move my daughter from SF to SD. They showed up for delivery 3 days late. The drivers assistant

was drunk the driver spoke no english. Forced my daughter to sign for delivery before unloading the truck.

Cherry wood head board broken in half, doors torn off bureau, glass table tops broken, mattress unwrapped and

filthy. Lost three boxes with all of her personal photos, awards, books, letters. No satisfaction total scam with their insurance dont use ever

Review about: Moving And Storage.



I know this company has some bad reviews, but they're working really hard to rectify that.I had great customer service, they were right on time and not a penny over the "not-to-exceed" price.

Polite and hard workers. I would definitely use them again.

They came out to my house to give me an on-site estimate, which I always insist on, even though it was quite a drive.

Also, due to a mix up, they came out a day early but did not try to charge extra for that trip.I would recommend them.



Have you found an attorney to help you out?

They lost and ruined most of my daughters stuff during the

move and the insurance is a joke. I would love to take legal

action let me know what you have found

by the way

The new number for their insurance carrier is 954 317-2448 X12


We are still battling their insurance after a year.All of a sudden the insurance company's phone numbers are all disconnected.

We have an email, are ready to take legal action against SM&S relocation

to Angelica Aptos, California, United States #734118

Hi Angelica,

Please let me know any information you have on SMS. I have a large claim and would like all information available.

Thank you.

to Over50 La Quinta, California, United States #747518

I went to the PUC and also filed a complaint against them.Their insurance company is a total joke and they are the absolute worst company I have ever had the bad judgment of hiring.

As a result of the PUC, they are now going to be audited and will receive (another citation by the state) and may also lose their license.

I am now taking them to small claims court./

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